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Mickey Mouse Knickerbocker Doll

Mickey Mouse Knickerbocker Doll

The iconic and original 1930s Mickey mouse doll from Knickerbocker.

This obviously is not a toy. If you are looking for a classic with value, and a story, beyond just getting a Mickey Mouse doll for your little one, see if you can find a Knickerbocker.

To the top of the head he stands 11" tall, the ears give another inch or so.

Here is a cowboy version of the knickerbocker doll:

Very cool. Is wearing a cowboy hat and is holding a horse crop in his left hand while a gun is holstered around his waist. Remember - this is the 1930s.

Value and Pricing: We have seen the cowboy version of the knickerbocker doll, in excellent condition and still with the original tag, sell for $2500.

Steiff Mickey Mouse Doll

Mickey Mouse Steiff Doll

A rare and famous Mickey Mouse doll, this foot high plush was designed in the 1930s by Charlotte Clark Steiff of the German Steiff Company. (see a larger picture here)

Mickey had a different look in the early 1930s, with his pie eyes and pointed nose. That is one way to date many of the earliest Mickey Mouse collectibles.

This Steiff Mickey doll is made of velvet and has thread whiskers. It is a foot high.

Mickey Mouse Steiff Doll

Value and Pricing: We have seen this Steiff doll in very good condition (no tears or rips, body still shiny and intact, no tags) sell for about $2000.

More Steiff Mickey Mouse and Disney dolls can be found on our Steiff page.

Mickey Mouse Coach Dolls

Mickey Mouse Coach Doll

This black large leather Mickey Mouse was made by Coach to celebrate a 75th anniversary. Although there are several varieties of the Coach dolls, this large one was a very limited edition of just 60 sold. All black, except for his red shorts with two large white circles.

About forty-one inches in length, when sitting up Mickey is twenty-eight inches high. This is one large and impressive (and imposing) mouse!

The Coach emblem on the back is hard to read, especially in a picture, but it states:

This is a limited edition Coach doll. It is made of polished refined pebble leather. Hug it, hold it, squeeze it. It will soften with time and develop a character as unique as the mischievous Mickey Mouse.

Value and Pricing: We saw this large version of the Coach Mickey Mouse doll, limited edition of only 60, sell for about $4000.

Life Size Mickey Mouse Doll

Mickey Mouse Life Size Doll

If you don't want to go old with a vintage doll - consider going big. Very big.

This life-size Mickey Mouse doll is 48 inches (4 feet) tall. That'a big mouse!

Mickey Mouse Big Figure

Mickey Mouse Big Figure Doll

Mickey Mouse Big Figure Doll

The "Big Figure" doll is a rare and special three foot high life size doll.

Only 500 were made, so finding one of these available is difficult.

Value and Pricing: We saw this Mickey Mouse big figure lifesize replica in excellent condition sell for about $2000.

Mickey Mouse Talking Doll

Talking Mickey Mouse Doll

Another variation is to get a talking doll.

The one shown above is from 1986 and comes with a book and casette tapes. You can also find new talking dolls if you do not know what a casette is.

Classic Mickey Mouse Plush Doll

Mickey Mouse Plush Doll

You can always stick with the tried and true plush doll which has sold many millions over the years.

You cannot go wrong with the classic Mickey Mouse plush doll.



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