Mickey Mouse Gold Coin Selection

The price of gold fluctuates so you may have to take some the prices we have seen with a grain of salt. Due to the gold content prices can quickly go up. Minor differences in quality can cause significant increases in value. As collectors items, these are stunning investments.

Mickey Mouse Gold Coin

This gold coin featuring Mickey Mouse from his infamous start in the 1928 Steamboat Willie cartoon, was issued by Niue. This is an island country in the Pacific, known for issuing collectible coins. The actual mint producing the coin was the New Zealand Mint on behalf of Niue.

Not surprisingly, the coin quickly sold out after it was released in 2014.

Only 500 of these coins were made.

The coin is one (1) Troy Ounce and is made from .9999 Gold. The face value of the coin is $200.

Prior Sales We Have Seen:

$4300 for this coin which was rated a PF-70 Ultra Cameo Gold Coin.

Mickey Mouse Gold Coin Quarter Ounce

Niue also issues this one-quarter ounce gold proof coin.

We have seen this sell for $728.

This gold coin has the same still frame Steamboat Willie where Mickey Mouse is seen cheerfully standing at the wheel of the boat.

On the obverse if a picture of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The Steamboat Willie quarter ounce gold Coin comes in a wooden coin case, which comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Mickey Mouse Gold Coin Quarter Ounce

Mickey Mouse Gold Coin Quarter Ounce

The Island of Niue also issued in 2014 this Mickey and Friends version of the proof gold quarter ounce coin.

It had a limited run of only 1000 being sold.

The face value of the coin is $25.

We have seen this coin sell for $605. We saw another sell for $1700 in NGC PF 70 condition.

Mickey Mouse Cook Islands Gold Coin

This Mickey Mouse gold coin is older.

It was made in 1996 by the Cook Islands. The face value is $100, although the collectible value is different.

The coin features Mickey on a sail board.

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