Mickey Mouse Swarovski

Mickey Mouse Swarovski

Swarovski Crystal Disney Showcase Collection

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Set

Here is the collection of Swarovski pieces. Together it has sold for more than $1500:

This incredible Swarovski Crystal Disney Showcase Collection was introduced in 2005. All six figurines were made of a creative combination of faceted and unfaceted clear crystal (more details below as each figurine is discussed in further length). The entire collection was retired in 2008. Since that time, it's become increasingly more difficult to find them all in the new, never been displayed condition.

The Original Boxes - inner AND outer - plus each's Certificate of Authenticity (COA) are in brand new condition with the original labels still affixed to each box. All figurines are signed with the Swan logo and Disney Trademark acid etched into each piece!

1) Swarovski Crystal Micky Mouse #687414 Micky was designed by Mario Dilitz, and was made of faceted and unfaceted clear crystal with black crystal eyes. He stands 3 7/8" x 3 1/4" wide. The figurine is 2" deep. The MSR Price was $275 at time of issue.

2) Swarovski Crystal Minnie Mouse #687436 Minnie was designed by Edith Mair. Minnie is also made of clear faceted and unfaceted crystal with black crystal eyes and nose. Minnie stands 4 1/4" high x 2 1/2"'wide and is 1 1/4" deep. At time of issue Minnie's MSR was also $275.

3) Swarovski Crystal Pluto #692344 Pluto was designed by Edith Mair. His body, collar. and the back of his head are made of faceted clear crystal. His eyes, ears, nose, and tail are Made of Jet Black crystal. Pluto stands at 4 5/16" Pluto's MSR was $250 at time of issue.

4) Swarovski Crystal Donald Duck #687339 Donald was designed by Team Heinz Tabertshofer, and features an intricate design. Donald stands at 3 3/4" high. He has a clear faceted body with Jet Black crystal eyes, and a clear crystal ribbon on his hat. He stands 4 1/4" tall. The MSR was $275.

5) Swarovski Crystal Daisy Duck #687320 Daisy was designed by a Team of designers who carefully crafted the piece into the Disney Classic Pose!! She is made of faceted clear crystal with Black eyes, and stands 3 3/4" tall. Her MSR was $250.

6) Swarovski Crystal Goofy # 690716 Goofy was designed by Mario Dilitz. Goofy's body, head, and hat are made of clear faceted crystal with Jet crystal ears and nose, and frosted Jet eyes. Standing at 5 5/8" tall, he is by far the tallest of the Showcase Disney Characters! Goofy's MSR price was $370

7) Swarovski Crystal Disney Showcase Title Plaque #835357 Designed in the easily recognizable shape of Mickey Mouse's head and ears, the title plaque is made of clear Swarovski faceted crystal and is 3 3/16" tall. Written in white letters is "Walt Disney SHOWCASE Collection." Like all the Disney Characters above, the plaque comes with its original box/COA and is also signed with the etchings in the piece.

8) Swarovski Crystal Disney Micky Mouse Display #835777 This 3 piece display set is designed in the shape of Micky's head and ears. His head is represented with the large round mirror with black edging, and two polished black pedestals with two different heights represent the ears.

Swarovski Disney Mickey and Friends

Swarovski Mickey and Friends Set


All pieces were designed by the Swarovski Team, are part of the "Disney Mickey and Friends" Theme Group, were introduced in 2012 (Pluto was retired in 2014) and come in the original Swarovski box, with Blue Booklet

Included are:

Mickey Mouse

Item #1 118 830 / 9100 000 368

Dynamic and colorful, this beloved Disney character shines playfully in Black Diamond crystal with a clear crystal face, gloves, and buttons

Mickey's nose and eyes gleam in Jet crystal and he wears vibrant Light Siam crystal shorts and Light Topaz crystal shoes

Measures approximately 4" x 4-1/4" (10.8 x 10.4 cm)

Minnie Mouse

Item #1 116 765 / 9100 000 367

Eye-catching and colorful, Minnie strikes a playful and dynamic pose

She shines in Black Diamond crystal with a clear crystal face and gloves

Her eyes and nose gleam in Jet crystal and she wears a cute Aquamarine crystal dress and Rose crystal shoes

Measures approximately 3-11/16" x 4-1/4" (9.4 x 10.8 cm)


Item #997 278 / 9100 000 147

Pluto, the beloved Disney character, shines in Medium Topaz crystal with Jet crystal details and a Peridot crystal collar

His dynamic pose reflects his adorably playful character

Measures approximately 3" x 3-7/16" (7.6 x 8.7 cm)

Swarovski Eiffel Tower

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Paris

The Swarovski collection shows Mickey Mouse with the Eiffel Tower.

It was originally made for Disneyland Paris' 15th Anniversary in 2007 and exclusively sold at Disneyland Paris.

Swarovski Sorcerer's Apprentice

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Sorcerers Apprentice

This Swarovski crystal was a limited edition made in 2009. It features Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice. (#0955438)

Mickey tries his hand at magic. This limited edition was available only in 2009. Captured in fully faceted clear crystal his head and ears shine in Black Diamond crystal as his nose sparkles in Jet crystal. His belt and shoes in Topaz crystal lend Mickey a golden glow. The clear crystal base has the inscription: Sorcerer Mickey 2009.

Dimensions: 6 1/6 x 5 7/8" inches. This is LARGE and heavy.

Original MSRP $800.

Swarovski Mickey Mouse Ornament

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Ornaments

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Swarovski Christmas ornaments.



These are from Austria and their original retail price $400.00.

Another Swarovski Sorcerer's Apprentice

Mickey Mouse Swarovski Sorcerers Apprentice

This stunning work is worth more than $7500. Mickey Mouse as the Sorcerer's Apprentice, completely decked out in colorful Swarovski crystals.

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