Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker Ideas

Of the thousands of products on this site, the Mickey Mouse waffle makers are our favorite. Every weekend waffles are made for the family (and dogs) and everyone loves the Mickey waffles.

Don't know why, but mouse shaped waffles just seem to taste better.

Stainless Steel Classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse Waffle

The classic Mickey Mouse waffle maker. Why have plain old waffles for breakfast when you can have Mickey Mouse shaped waffles? Your kids will love you for this one.

This waffler is also the #1 recommended Mickey waffler maker on Amazon.

Check out these incredible stats from other buyers (the numbers may be even higher depending on how much time passes between our updates of these numbers):

  • Over 1000 Reviews
  • 4.5 Star Rating
  • Amazon's Choice Award

In other words, you do not have to take our word for how great this waffle iron is.

Over 1000 reviews tell the story.

This fun, non-stick, easy to use and easy to clean waffle maker has been a top seller for well over five years. That is a rarity for household products which can come and go every year.

This is the type of product where after making your Mickey waffle you will be taking a picture and posting it on Facebook.

If you look close you will notice that the light which tells you when the power is on, and when the waffle is done cookie, is also shaped like Mickey Mouse.

The only question is how are you planning on eating the waffle? Do you tear the ears off first and eat them separately? Or work your way up like a regular waffle?

Note: we bought the classic, stainless steel Mickey Mouse waffle maker and love it, and it matched the rest of the kitchen appliances.

Fantastic Red Classic Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

Red Mickey Mouse Waffle

In addition to the classic stainless steel waffle maker look, check out this new red and black version! Oooh. Ahhhh. Does this waffle maker scream fun or what?

Although we purchased the stainless steel version, our kitchen has been slowly transitioning to red products. Red toaster. Red canisters. The Mickey waffle iron is probably next.

Mickey Mouse Belgian Waffles on a Stick

Belgian Mickey Mouse Waffle

More ooohs and ahhhs. You just knew there had to be a belgian Mickey Mouse waffle maker. But did you expect this? Waffles on a stick! I've never seen anything like it. You'll be a hit with this belgian waffle maker.

We have not yet tried this Mickey belgian waffler. But it remains on the "to get" list.

The waffle iron has been getting nice reviews. However, a big downside we see is you need to use a timer as the waffle iron does not have an automatic light come on when the waffle is done cooking. The "done light" is something we rely on.

Note: you do not have to use sticks with the waffle maker. (It comes with 50 sticks.) You can simply make mini waffles. One of the nice things about this is making four waffles at a time. This way everyone can all start eating at once - faster - without waiting for waffles to be made one at a time.



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