Disney Mickey Mouse Haunted House Snow Globe

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This snow globe does not look like a typical snow globe, and that makes it all the better!

Originally made in the 1990s, the globe has many features, some requiring two AA batteries:

The snow globe / water tank inside the house lights up with LED lighting.

You can wind a music key to hear Grim Grinning Ghosts.

From this side the doors of the haunted mansion are open and we can see Goofy (of course - Goofy) in the image of Frankenstein has managed to get himself stuck inside the snowglobe. Donald Duck, dressed as the devil, is looking on wondering how Goofy got in there.

(see a larger picture here)

On this side of the house is Minnie Mouse, dressed in a pink witch outfit. She is holding a black and white cat Figaro who is looking scared.

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On another side Pluto is dressed-up in his Halloween skeleton costume. He is holding his pumpkin ready to receive some treats.

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Last, but not least, we have Mickey. Holding a lantern in his left and hand and scary pumpkin in his right hand, Mickey is dressed in a vampire outfit and is ready for some serious Trick or Treating.

Large for a snow globe, this piece is eight inches high, five and one-half inches wide, and six and one-half inches deep.

Pricing and Value: We have seen the Disney Mickey Mouse Haunted House Snow Globe sell for $125.

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